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Morale patches designed by me
Black lagoon embroidered morale patch and art card
Morale patch art Hand drawn on iPad
Creature Velcro backed patch and metallic art card

Infinitesimal Design Works

Black Lagoon

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100 piece limited edition, 4.5” tall, highly detailed 100% embroidered morale patch! This patch marks the start of a new chapter for me, thank you for the support on this the 1st of a 5 piece limited edition creature series patch set. Complete with metallic, collectors art card. 

Remnants of a mysterious animal have come to light in a remote jungle, and a group of scientists intends to determine if the find is an anomaly or evidence of an undiscovered beast. To accomplish their goal, the scientists (Antonio Moreno, Richard Carlson, Richard Denning, Whit Bissell) must brave the most perilous pieces of land South America has to offer. But the terrain is nothing compared to the danger posed by an otherworldly being that endangers their work and their lives.

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