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Sleipnir best of horses
Sleipnir best of horses

Infinitesimal Design Works

Sleipnir best of horses

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The 3rd design in this series of Norse mythology, I present to you: Sleipnir, best of all horses and Odin’s eight legged steed.

Two of the 8th century picture stones from the island of GotlandSweden depict eight-legged horses, which are thought by most scholars to depict Sleipnir: the Tjängvide image stone and the Ardre VIII image stone. Both stones feature a rider sitting atop an eight-legged horse, which some scholars view as Odin. Above the rider on the Tjängvide image stone is a horizontal figure holding a spear, which may be a valkyrie, and a female figure greets the rider with a cup. The scene has been interpreted as a rider arriving at the world of the dead. 
Lindow (2001:277).

Only 65 made in this limited edition,

comes with a metallic art card. Limit 3 per order please!