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Waypoint Maldo Kreis
Waypoint Maldo Kreis

Waypoint Maldo Kreis

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Din Djarin crash landed on Maldo Kreis after being pursued by two New Republic pilots. While repairing his ship, he was attacked by knobby white ice spiders, but was rescued by the New Republic pilots, who then left the Mandalorian with his damaged ship to fend for himself. If you haven’t watched “The Mandalorian” yet I highly recommend it, and if you don’t have time, you can always buy my patch instead! ;)

“Waypoints” will cross all boundaries of geography, space, time and even reality itself! We will visit places from fiction and non-fiction, decisive moments in history, beautiful landscapes and iconic moments in cinema all illustrated by me creating the future collection of “Waypoints”! I hope you’re ready for a wild and beautiful ride! 

limited to 65 in each version! 

metallic art card included!

Max 3 per customer, please!