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A wee tiny bit about me, I guess.

I’m approaching my 40s, so not young so much anymore, but also not particularly old. I have studied fine art, fish and wild life and outdoor resource management in post secondary school, and no none of them resulted in direct entry into a related job...

I hold my fine art studies as the most influential and useful of my schooling, because it is there that I truly learned to think outside the box, to circle round a problem and come at it from other angles and to solve it creatively. I also learned how to represent something from one point of view and be aware that it may be received from a completely different point of view. Interestingly enough, the fine art education has been helpful in some of my most lucrative endvours to date as well.

I have been a professional photographer, where I was tasked to photograph in complete darkness deep within the mines of subury Ontario, medium high above the earth in a helicopter, in office biuildings, healthcare facilities, manufacturing floors both public and limited access, for a united way campaign, for weddings, a funraising run across Canada, and my own fine art projects through the years. All very rewarding in their own unique ways. 

I have a great love for nature and being closely connected with the outdoors. Fish and wildlife helped me learn to identify more species of flora and fauna and gain a better understanding of how some aspects of nature relate to others in the ebb and flow of the wild. 

Im a father of two kids a boy and a girl, they are both a challenge and an incredible gift! This path has allowed me a more flexible shchedule giving more time to spend with both of them. Now all I need to do is create that stability of income so the worries of next week aren’t so strong. It will come, I’m confident of that, or else I’ll have to regroup and take a new path! Either will work out, but right now, I would really like this path to pay off! 



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