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Constantly learning the balance

My urrent challenge with infinitesimal design works, is balance...

Trying to manage purchasing raw materials for metal patches, production costs for embroidered or rubber patches, time to draw, time to make, home life, digital marketing, email communications, Facebook, Instagram, photography, packing and shipping, video and website work. But I’m not complaining, this is the best job I’ve had! 

Yes there are a lot of pieces in play at any given minute, yes it’s stressful at times, yes I doubt my future success regularly, but the goals are always the same. How can I get you what you desire in a patch, at a price that is fair while balancing my books, home life, creative vision all while continuing to pay my bills?

Side note: by “you” I mean around 1000 people just like you who will at least stop by and have a look at each design. Why so many you ask, cause out of 1000 maybe 10% will like it enough to buy it, and if my edition is out of 100 pcs I have a sell out! Now, long ago I got over the hype surrounding instant sell outs, I see many makers sell out in minutes, heck some even in seconds. For me its about being able to stay in business month after month doing what I love and bringing my artwork to market for you! Slower sales means less waves, even seas, continued money coming in... all good things! 

I would love the confidence building qualities, the ego boost, or validation associated with a fast sell out, sure that would make my day. But really what I would like most about it is the fact that right away you know that your investment in my work paid off. You know that if you wanted to sell your patch right now, someone else would probably pay a bit more for it. This is what I promise to work towards, I want you to enjoy my art, but I also want you to feel confident that it has future value! 

Bare with me, I’m still small, many many people in the patch communities overlook my brand drops daily, I’m not there yet. But I’ll get there, and when I do, I’ll try my best to make sure my website and drops remain as fair as I can based on the demand, and that all of you have a chance at my artwork. I will always remember that without you, I have nothing, my patch designs are only valuable as long as the community gives them value. 


Thank you all again for your support,

with your help we can reach a perfect balance! 


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  • Doug

    Jesse – First off, I’m new to your site but have been collecting patches for awhile. I hope to make my first purchase from you tomorrow…the Fragege egg is incredible work! Second, I really am enjoying how personal and transparent you’ve made this blog…it’s a true and honest insight into what you’re doing, who you are, and what you represent…I dig it. Keep up the outstanding work, and please know that you’re gonna have me as a loyal customer with the kind of work you’re cranking out! I’m overseas on a deployment right now so I fingers crossed I don’t miss the drop tomorrow!!!

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