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Eeeeekkk slow down?

Ok, this will be quick. It has come to my attention that I am releasing the Fragregé egg series too frequently! Please let me know if you agree or disagree with this statement. 

I have been getting a few messages that have alluded to this and one who came out an honestly said, “slow your roll, please” (not his words ☺️) please please please reach out if there is anything you’d like me to know. I’m not perfect, I’m not the master of all masters of the universe, I’m just a guy like the rest trying to make cool patches and earn enough money to keep it all together! 

so here is the plan, and you can help if you want to. I will start to release a few other series’ that I have in the works in between Fragregé egg drops.. this will mean 1 or two eggs/month, but I need your help with brand recognition!!! Please post your mail calls with my design so other people can see them. I need a few more fans in order to keep growing and it’s been a struggle to get them with the conventional means.. side note did I mention I’m not the master? Cause this is probably where I’m weakest in terms of marketing and growth! 

anyway, I would rather drop one egg a month with 100 pcs and other designs in between than 4 eggs at 65. Please let me know if this makes better sense to you, my most valuable asset my customers, fans, devotees and or distinguished flys on the wall!


thank you for your amazing and continued support and or more valuable insight! 



  • Jason

    1 egg a month fine. It’s tough h sometimes having to pick and choose what patch to get with so many makers and drops at one time

  • ANthony DIaz

    Keep them coming! You’ve been on fire

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