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Email newsletter Give-a-ways, should I keep doing them?


Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out the best way to give back to you, my favourite customers ever! Any thoughts would be very appreciated. 

Ive been doing email give-a-ways so far, and that has kinda worked. It’s hard to track down winners, often I never find the person I draw in the GAW... I’d really like to give back to all of the people who make this all possible for me. However, I want the people who would appreciate the bonuses to get them.... and here in lies the problem. 

Email equates to approximately 30% open rate, which means that most of you still don’t even open the messages, I get it, I don’t open every email I get either, but how can I make sure that the people who are interested in the prizes have a chance of winning them... maybe a separate list? I’m not quite sure to be honest. 

Maybe the email GAW isn’t the best way to give back to you. At any point if you have a suggestion, let me have it, I would really like to get a better handle on this! 

What about face book give-a-ways instead? Would that be better? Side note and business tip: the growth of my subscriber list may be the only way for future success and continued operation... so, I’m stuck between finding a way to reward those people who stay engaged with my brand and like my products and continuing to grow my subscriber list...

Im sure I will figure it out eventually, but I would be happy to try another approach if you happen to come up with one!

Thanks for being amazing you 8-10 readers you! ;) 



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