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How my first design was so successfullllll....

ok, so if you read the last one you would probably have sensed that not all of the information needed to create a super fast sell out on my first design was passed along... you are completely correct... here is how it actually when’s down! 

I created my first viable ranger eye design all along in a vacuum as is customary for those of us artist types who tend to hole up and create shit lonely and in the bolwles of society... that part was true, but here is the rest. I took this one single piece, not all the way finished to show my past boss and friend for input and his thoughts on it’s possible future viability... side note: he has been part of many new product releases over the years mostly successful, but some with less than ideal results... anyway, I bring it and show it and he thinks it’s cool, but can’t wrap his head around how I plan to finish it and weather I can make more then same or not...


im actually quite accustomed to this push back, I can see the end result of most of my works wayyyy before i actually get there, it’s a blessing and a curse, but since this was my project and I didn’t neeeed to sell it to him in order to finish, I simply said don’t worry I got it and asked his thoughts on the concept as a whole. He thought is was quite cool, new, original in the patch world and would be possibly quite popular with a little work! Great, I left and finished the design and an addition of I think 25 more to go with it. 

Next I needed a way to sell it, and no one on the closed Facebook groups dedicated to patch selling and trading knew me from a hole in the ground... back to my old boss/friend. We talked hashed out a plan and he agreed to host the patches on his business website send out an email to his already substantial customer base and sell my patches through his web store! Holy crap that was amazing! And represents all of the holes from the first chapter all in one sentence... maybe I should have lead with that? Oh, I also made a drop announcement in the closed groups, maybe got 1 or 2 people interested on my own, (pats his own back) Needless to say, they sold out in minutes and it was quite a boost to my fledgling, neigh, still breaking out of the egg shell, brand! Thank you to him for the support in the earlest days, he may not have seen all the way to the completion of the first design but her sure sold the shit out of it! 


End of chapter 2 

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