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I made a mistake, I’m sorry, time to move on.

So, here goes... 

several years ago when I was designing my first batch of personal patches for this brand, I made this one. At the time I thought the idea was new, novel, cool and original... I was wrong, this has been done before, better and with several alternative versions... I had these made shortly after designing them and moved on with my life. Once the package arrived I was caught up in other activities and so the package remained under my desk awaiting the time I would launch this brand formally and get started.

Time passed and the formal beginning of Infinitesimal Design Works came to be. I dropped the other patches I had made, one after another over the months, added metal designs and embroidered offerings to the mix, all the while sitting in this design trying to think of what to do with it... it cost money to make, but I don’t feel good about selling it seeing as it’s too similar to the other ones in the market... First step, I contacted the guys who make these designs let them know what I had done and asked what they would suggest. No response, that’s ok, I guess we will have to figure this out on our own. my next thought was to publicly destroy my mistake, maybe fire, explosion, a range day... but then the thought occurred to me, maybe I should just acknowledged my mistake and give them away to customers with full disclosure, and then maybe stay away from this idea, it’s already someone else’s! 

Thoughts? Feel free to comment on this post with what your think would be the best course of action, what would you like out of this learning experience, destruction, a gift, weigh in and let me know what you think. 

Im sorry I messed up, let’s make something good out of this! 


  • Phil

    I would suggest just adding it as a freebie (with full disclosure) when you order something else. straight up destroying them feels like a waste.

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