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When to kill off a series!

So recently I created a new series of patches and though there were many people who thought it was awesome and encouraged me to continue with it the masses voted with their wallets. If it doesn’t sell it’s time to move on! 

in hindsight this series may not have been good enough for my brand... the idea wasn’t as original as it had seemed under the circumstances in which I had conceived of it. Unfortunately I couldn’t possibly see all that until two designs in!  Well it wasn’t a complete loss I will take the rest of the designs and morph them into a new series, one that is more suited to my brand and possibly more inclusive to a larger member base! 

chock this one up to working under too much stress and not sitting with a design long enough to be sure it a good idea, original enough to stand on its own and not be lumped in with another makers designs, and really and truly good!!! 

soooo moving forward I will be producing a few more original ideas all created with the true collector in mind and more my style matching my brand! 

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