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Why is your order taking soooo long to arrive?

I’m going to address this one before it manifests itself as a hard lesson! There are a few reasons your order could be slower than you’re used to or expecting and here they are!


though I was born and raised in the US-of-eh ;) I currently live in the great white north (Canada)...

Ship times from this gigantic country are slower... sometimes wayyyyy slower than the mighty United States of Merica! I offer tracked shipping for a $5 add-on for my US customers, and try to use 2-day fedex whenever possible to fulfil those orders, however if you do not want to pay for tracked shipping I gotta send it letter mail... (question, would you be interested in a mid priced faster, non tracked option? I might be able to make that happen...)

Letter mail is slower here, delivery time can be 7-10 business days up to 21 business days, that sucks I know, but I can’t find a better solution. Ps. If you pay the $5 for the tracked option understand that it costs me about $5 as well... Why the heck would I pay some of your shipping do you ask? Well I’m a good dude, and I can’t bear to charge you full price for tracked shipping when I know US based companies can do it for around $3 fiddy... essentially this is some of the Canadian-ness wearing off on me, thank Canada for that one.


I am a one man show here at infinitesimal Design Works, I do it all, and sometimes I think I’m faster and smarter and more capable at getting something done in time than I actually am! Please keep in mind that I want you to be happy and get your stuff ASAP, sometimes to the detriment of my own health. I am however learning to pace myself better and accept that I can’t always bang out 100 orders the same day they come in, while simultaneously running the drop on the website, picking up my daughter from daycare or son from school, walking the dog, making dinner and stopping to breath a little O2 in there somewhere along the way. 

Please feel free to reach out to me via email or Facebook message if you would like an update or need a reminder as to weather or not you paid for tracking! ;) I’m always happy to answer these things as soon as I can. It’s amazing for me to be able to run this company as my sole source of income, crazy too, but also amazing! Your support makes it possible, thank you all so much for continuing to appreciate my art and support my quest to grow this company to be able to more than just scrape by month to month! It’s a wild ride, I learn everyday and push myself to do better with every turn in this twisty road! I hope this shows through to you and you can appreciate the attention, dedication and elbow grease I choose to apply to this endeavour! Hope to see you all on the flip side, and again thank you for all the amazing support you have already given! 


Jesse Goodrice 


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