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Why is your order taking soooo long to arrive?

I’m going to address this one before it manifests itself as a hard lesson! There are a few reasons your order could be slower than you’re used to or expecting and here they are! One: though I was born and raised in the US-of-eh ;) I currently live in the great white north (Canada)... Ship times from this gigantic country are slower... sometimes wayyyyy slower than the mighty United States of Merica! I offer tracked shipping for a $5 add-on for my US customers, and try to use 2-day fedex whenever possible to fulfil those orders, however if you do not want to pay for tracked shipping I gotta send it letter mail... (question, would you be interested in a...

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Constantly learning the balance

My urrent challenge with infinitesimal design works, is balance... Trying to manage purchasing raw materials for metal patches, production costs for embroidered or rubber patches, time to draw, time to make, home life, digital marketing, email communications, Facebook, Instagram, photography, packing and shipping, video and website work. But I’m not complaining, this is the best job I’ve had!  Yes there are a lot of pieces in play at any given minute, yes it’s stressful at times, yes I doubt my future success regularly, but the goals are always the same. How can I get you what you desire in a patch, at a price that is fair while balancing my books, home life, creative vision all while continuing to pay...

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My design process.

This is what my designs take, how I approach them, and the path they take... normally!  The fisrst step usually occurs when I realize my sales have dwindled and I need to make bills this month, yikes! Haha, well not quite that bad, but a need to continue to contribute items that the patch community wants, regularly and with some degree of skill and artistic merit is my main drive. I’m an artist, trained and seasoned while working in many mediums both professionally and personally over the years. I get a sense of satisfaction from creating a piece of art that the world likes and wants to bring into their collective homes.  As a fine artist I have always struggled...

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I made a mistake, I’m sorry, time to move on.

So, here goes...  several years ago when I was designing my first batch of personal patches for this brand, I made this one. At the time I thought the idea was new, novel, cool and original... I was wrong, this has been done before, better and with several alternative versions... I had these made shortly after designing them and moved on with my life. Once the package arrived I was caught up in other activities and so the package remained under my desk awaiting the time I would launch this brand formally and get started. Time passed and the formal beginning of Infinitesimal Design Works came to be. I dropped the other patches I had made, one after another over...

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A wee tiny bit about me, I guess.

I’m approaching my 40s, so not young so much anymore, but also not particularly old. I have studied fine art, fish and wild life and outdoor resource management in post secondary school, and no none of them resulted in direct entry into a related job... I hold my fine art studies as the most influential and useful of my schooling, because it is there that I truly learned to think outside the box, to circle round a problem and come at it from other angles and to solve it creatively. I also learned how to represent something from one point of view and be aware that it may be received from a completely different point of view. Interestingly enough, the...

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